Why should I care about the Lowest Total Cost?

Most human resource managers and insurance advisors will privately admit to frustration with pharmacy analysis. They know they aren't being told the whole story.

There is good reason for feeling that way: they aren't being told the whole story!

  • Imagine buying a car on the sole basis of saving a big percentage of the asking price, without knowing the sticker price, or even what kind of car it is. It sounds unimaginable, but you do it every day with your pharmacy plan!

Don't believe it? Did you make your buying decision based upon:

  • The best "AWP minus" deal offered?
  • Perhaps the lowest administration fee?
  • Was it zero, and did you believe that?
  • The highest rebate to your plan?
  • Where do you think those dollars come from?

What really matters is the total cost you end up paying, not what discount you received.

Through our Claims Replay analysis, we will show you what we expect your claims cost will be next year for your plan. Bottom line, no double talk. Then, we put our money where our mouth is. We guarantee what your costs will be.

Who else does that for you? Does your current PBM?

Contact us today for your Claims Replay.