Circle Health Partners, Inc. Your Pre-Claim Cost Control Partner

CHP provides expertise and consulting assistance focusing on pre-claim cost control. Identifying and managing medical conditions before medical and pharmacy claims arise is the key to controlling health costs.

Circle Pharmacy Pool delivers the best results available by achieving the lowest total cost for prescription drugs. This includes a coordinated, patient focused specialty pharmacy approach and outstanding clinical care programs. And the results are guaranteed.

Circle Wellness solutions save money and save lives. We help clients achieve return on investment (ROI) goals, enhance productivity and create a more healthy workforce. In addition, the employee and member population is more aware of their current health status and any health related issues.



Circle Health Partners, Inc. (CHP) is guided by two principal owners who have a combined 30+ years of experience in corporate health and wellness. Together, they have initiated many of the key visionary concepts that are being used and replicated in the health and wellness market today.



Lead our country in pre-claim cost control strategies.


Deliver truly integrated health and wellness strategies that save lives and impacts the bottom line for our clients.


Change the corporate health delivery model so that employers and members can focus on their core business and success.